Fayewolf is a newer streamer that wants to make an impact, knows the importance of branding, but had little knowledge of where to begin, when it came to channel art. With some word of mouth guidance, she approached me for a full channel overhaul and I was glad to help.


Keywords are the best way to translate an idea to an artist. With only a couple keywords I was able to create a logo that would best fit Fayewolfs personality and brand. The “wolf” (for obvious reasons), “cherry blossoms” and “summer”. I knew the wolf would be front and center, cherry blossoms would be secondary and bring everything together. I provided the first iteration, which was not what she was looking for. She then said something that stood out, the most important keyword, “summer”. Summer adds a lighter, warmer element that sets the mood of the entire brand and from there, I understood exactly where she was going with the idea.